The Company

"Skultes kartons" Ltd. is a producer of corrugated fibreboard since 2009. The company currently employs over 20 professionals who use their professional experience and the company’s technical capacity to provide a professional and quick handling and execution of orders. "Skultes kartons" Ltd. provides a full production cycle, from raw materials to finalized products.

Having worked with corrugated fibreboard for over seven years, the company has successfully created and tested cooperation with companies that deliver raw materials, which, in turn, makes for a quick and professional servicing of customers. The experience accumulated over the years, as well as our customers’ loyalty has allowed the company to take a stable position and expand on the Latvian market.
The company’s growth is also manifested in successful operation on Lithuanian, Estonian, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian markets since 2012.
In 2015, the company extended its operation even further by purchasing and installing a new, automated corrugated fibreboard box production line, which allowed the company to swiftly increase their turnover and offer their customers new products.
"Skultes kartons" Ltd. produces corrugated fibreboard products by individual orders that comply with FEFCO or ГОСТ standards.

The philosophy of "Skultes kartons" Ltd. is becoming our cooperation partners’ "best partner”, because it is exactly our products that determine whether or not the cooperation partner’s goods will reach the consumer in an excellent condition. Our goal is ensuring our customers with such corrugated fibreboard products that comply with each customer’s individual requirements, having analysed and understood each partner’s specific needs and technical requirements.

We take pride in our corrugated fibreboard!