Who We Are?

"Skultes kartons" Ltd. is a producer of corrugated fibreboard and its products, active on the Latvian market since 2009.

The experience and loyalty of clients, accumulated over the years, have allowed the company to grow and constantly offer its clients new solutions for working corrugated fibreboard.

The company is known for the quality of its produce, short production deadlines and a wide selection of products.


In 2013 "Skultes kartons" Ltd. started producing corrugated fibreboard pallets that are currently a successful export product to Finland.

A corrugated fibreboard pallet is just as durable as the classic wood pallet. The benefit of board pallets is their competitive price. These pallets cannot be used in damp conditions, as moisture makes the pallet lose its load carrying capacity.

Our Products

"Skultes kartons" Ltd. produces the following products:

- corrugated fibreboard and fibreboard sheets

- corrugated fibreboard boxes (of various forms, types and sizes)

- corrugated fibreboard packaging (boxes, pallets, packing sheets, etc.).

Up to five different colours can be printed onto the fibreboard.

Our products can be used for a wide array of things (packing furniture, packing baked goods and food, transporting fragile objects, etc.)

The company offers non-standard solutions, tailored to the needs of your company.

Production of Corrugated Fibreboard Products

Production of Corrugated Fibreboard Products
"Skultes kartons" Ltd. produces all sorts of corrugated fibreboard products. 

We offer the following types of corrugated fibreboard:
- E (micro corrugation): 1.5 mm
- B: 3 mm
- C: 4 mm
- BE: 4.5 mm
- BC: 7.5 mm

Available in: brown/brown, white/brown, white/white

Sheet sizes: from 50x 100 mm up to 2600 x 4000 mm

We offer all sorts of ready-made packaging, with and without printing (up to 5 colours).

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